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Ghulam Ishaq
Hina Sultan


OBJECTIVES: To examine the frequencies of psychological co-morbidities among Ulcerative Colitis patients, and to also study relationship of these morbidities with aggression and self-efficacy.

METHODS: This descriptive, correlational study was conducted at outpatient department of gastroenterology of a Mayo hospital Lahore, from 2nd April to 28th August, 2019. A purposive sample of 165 UC patients was taken. Following ethical approval, structured questionnaires including Beck Depression Inventory-21, Berrenberg’s Cancer Attitude Inventory, Emet-Q, Blood-Injection Symptom Scale, Templer Death Anxiety Scale, Short form Aggression Questionnaire and SEM-CD6, to measure psychological illnesses were administered. The collected data were evaluated through SPSS V25.0.

RESULTS: Out of 165 patients, 85 (51.5%) were females & 80 (48.5%) were males, with age range 21-30 years. Sixty five (39.39%) had severe depression, 54 (32.72%) had moderate, 23 (13.93%) borderline and 14 (8.48%) mild depression. Carcinophobia was seen in 139 (84.24%) patients whereas emetophobia, trypanophobia, and death anxiety was present in 114 (69.09%), 101 (61.21%), 78 (47.27%) patients respectively. Depression and phobias were increasing the physical, verbal aggression, anger, and hostility. Additionally, the patients’ high depressive state and fears were affecting the illness management.

CONCLUSION: UC patients manifest a range of psychological co-morbidities. Especially, fear of developing cancer and death anxiety, restrict patients to control symptoms, to manage role and emotional functioning and to communicate with doctors to get adequate treatment regimens. Therefore, the commencement of psychotherapeutic programs can be helpful for maintaining the psychological health of patients.

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