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Muhammad Shahab Hanif
Muhammad Saqib Baloch
Kumayl Abbas Meghji
Ali Abbas
Sana Kashif
Rida Qureshi


OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of carbaryl ingestion on morphology and histopathological changes in the gastric mucosa of albino Wistar rats.

METHODS: In this quasi-experimental study, thirty Albino Wistar rats were randomly distributed into three different groups i.e. group-A (control), group-B (experimental-1) and group-C (experimental-2). The division was based on diet and quantity of drug-induced given. Group-A rats were given normal chow feed along with clean water ad libitum only, while group-B and group-C rats were given 2.5mg/kg and 5mg/kg body weight carbaryl mixed in their normal feed respectively. All rats were weighed before and after the experiment.

RESULTS: Pre-experimental total body weight (Mean±SD) of groups A, B, and C were found to be 245.7±6.1 gm, 252.3±4.5 gm, and 239±6.7 gm respectively. Group-A (Control rats) showed an increase in body weight, while a decline in body weight was observed in groups B (203.43±12.57) and C (169.29±13.72) [p-value=0.001]. Similarly, the mean stomach weights of all the experimental rats were also measured at the conclusion of the experiment and were found to be 3.81±0.20 gm (group-A), 3.22±0.29 gm (group-B) and 2.26±0.65 gm (group-C) [p-value=0.001]. Histology of gastric mucosa of group-A didnt reveal any changes. In experimental groups, localized foci of congested blood vessels and infiltration by acute inflammatory cells were observed in the basal portion of gastric glands. Normal tubular architecture of the gastric mucosal glands was distorted..

CONCLUSION: Carbaryl administration induces marked histopathological changes in the gastric mucosa with decline in the body and stomach weight of experimental groups.

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Hanif, M. S., M. S. Baloch, K. A. Meghji, A. Abbas, S. Kashif, and R. Qureshi. “HISTOPATHOLOGICAL CHANGES IN THE GASTRIC MUCOSA INDUCED BY CARBARYL TOXICITY: AN EXPERIMENTAL RAT MODEL”. KHYBER MEDICAL UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, Vol. 12, no. 2, June 2020, pp. 137-42, doi:10.35845/kmuj.2020.19896.
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