Ayesha Zakir, Farhat Shehzad, Rubina Nazli


OBJECTIVES: To determine the frequency of risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and to analyze the relationship and strength of association among these risk factors in the development of GDM.

METHODS: This study was conducted in the Khyber Teaching Hospital, Health Care Center, and Kalsoom Maternity Home Peshawar, Pakistan. The targeted population was the registered cases of pregnant women with GDM. Data was collected through properly designed questionnaire and antenatal cards of the GDM patients.

RESULTS: Out of 100 patients with GDM 64% patients had age >30 years and mean age was 31.25+5.25 years. BMI >25 kg/m2 was observed in 64% patients & mean BMI was 25.98+2.67 kg/m2. Seventy-three patients were multiparous and grand-multiparous, family history of diabetes mellitus (DM) was present in 71 patients while past history of GDM was present in 66% patients. Positive correlation was observed between advancing maternal age & GDM History (χ2=8.150, p=<.05, Phi and Cramer’s V test =0.626, p<0.001); advancing maternal age and parity (χ2=39.140, p=<.001, Phi and Cramer’s V test =0.285, p<0.05) in the development of GDM. Positive correlation was observed between BMI and parity (χ2=14.090, p=<.05, Phi & Cramer’s V test =0.375, p<0.05) as well as between parity and past GDM 2=38.302, p=<.0001; Phi and Cramer’s V test=0.619, p<0.01) in the development of GDM.

CONCLUSION: Advanced maternal age (>30 years), multiparty, BMI >25 kg/m2, history of GDM in the previous pregnancies and family history of DM were found to be the strong predictors of GDM. 

KEY WORDS: Gestational Diabetes (MeSH), Advanced Maternal Age (Non-MesH), Parity (MeSH), Multiparity (Non-MeSH), Grand Multiparity (Non-MeSH), Body Mass Index (BMI) (MeSH)

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