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Zobia Mushtaq
Samina Kausar
Naheeda Kousar
Sadia Chiragh


OBJECTIVE:  To evaluate the antihyperlipedemic effect of Ajwa date (Phoenix dactylifera) seed on serum lipid levels of diet induced hyperlipidemic rabbits.

METHODS:  This randomized controlled study of six months’ duration was carried out at Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore after obtaining permission from institutional ethical committee. Sample size was calculated at 90% power of study and 5% level of significance. Male rabbits, 32 in number weighing between 0.9-1.3 kg were divided into four groups normal control (NC), high fat diet (HFD), HFD+2%Ajwa date seed powder (HFD+2%A) and HFD+4% Ajwa date seed powder (HFD+4%A) having 8 rabbits in each group. Group NC took normal diet while all other groups were given high fat diet for whole 12 weeks. After 4 weeks groups HFD+2%A and HFD+4%A; were given diet containing Ajwa date seed powder 2gm and 4gm per 100 gm of high fat diet respectively for next 8 weeks. Lipid profile was done at 0, 4, 8 and 12 weeks.

RESULTS: Serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) is increased while serum cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), atherogenic index of plasma and LDL/HDL ratio decreased significantly in both treatment groups. At 8th week HFD+4%A was more effective than HFD+2%A but at 12th week both were equally effective.

CONCLUSION: Ajwa date seeds were effective in improving the lipid profile despite high fat diet.

KEY WORDS: Diet, High-Fat (MeSH), Dyslipidemias (MeSH), Phoeniceae (MeSH), Ajwa Date Seed (Non-MeSH), Seeds (MeSH), Phoenix dactylifera (MeSH).

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Mushtaq, Z., S. Kausar, N. Kousar, and S. Chiragh. “EFFECT OF AJWA DATE SEED ON LIPID PROFILE OF DIET INDUCED HYPERLIPIDEMIC RABBITS”. KHYBER MEDICAL UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, vol. 9, no. 3, Oct. 2017, pp. 135-9, https://www.kmuj.kmu.edu.pk/article/view/17548.
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Samina Kausar, Gujranwala medical college, Gujranwala

Associate professor (HOD)Pharmacology Department


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