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Nafisa Batool Tahir
Tahir Uddin Qazi
Sajid Muhammad
Aziz Marjan Khattak


OBJECTIVE: To find out the treatment outcomes of patients suffering from tuberculosis at DOTs centre.

METHODOLOGY: This descriptive analytical study on tuberculosis and its treatment outcomes was conducted at DHQ Teaching Hospital Kohat from July 2008 to January 2011, over a period of two and a half years. Data was   interpreted by using SPSS version 14.

RESULTS: In this study total number of 1760 patients are included, out of which 943(53.6%) are females and 817 males (46.4%). AFB positive patients are 43%, extra pulmonary 32.2% and sputum negative pulmonary cases are 24.6%. Treatment outcomes showed 574 cured, 726 treatments completed 422 defaults, 16 deaths and one referred to other treatment centre. Seven patients remained 3 AFB positive till 7th month.

CONCLUSION: The proportion of favorable outcome was below the goal set by the WHO. Tuberculous case management needs to be investigated to reduce the chances of  high default rate.

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Nafisa Batool Tahir, Khyber Medical University Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, Pakistan

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine


Tahir Uddin Qazi, Khyber Medical University Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, Pakistan

Assistant professor

Department of Surgery

Sajid Muhammad, Khyber Medical University Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, Pakistan

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Pharmacology

Aziz Marjan Khattak, Khyber Medical University Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, Pakistan

Associate Professor

Department of Pathology


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