Asjad Sharif, Ehtesham Haider Naqvi, Amanat Khan


OBJECTIVE: To determine the advantages of conscious sedation in spinal anesthesia by comparing Propofol with Midazolam.

METHODS: The study was carried out on 60 patients undergoing various elective surgical procedures under spinal anesthesia. The patients were divided into three groups each containing 20 patients. Group A (n=20) received initial bolus of 30 mg of Propofol intravenously (IV) followed by 10 mg top ups on as-required basis. Group B (n=20) received initial bolus of 2 mg of Midazolam followed by 1 mg increments to maintain the conscious sedation. Group C (n=20) did not receive any conscious sedation (Control). The patients were interviewed through a structured questionnaire before anesthesia and 24 hours after the surgical proce­dure. Demographic variables were scored using descriptive statistics and results were analyzed using correlation methods.

RESULTS: It was revealed that in patients who were given conscious sedation, 17 patients (85%) from Midazolam group as compared to 12 patients (60%) from Propofol group were not willing to have remained wide awake during the procedure. Similarly 15 patients (75%) from Midazolam group as compared to 10 patients (50%) from Propofol group were very much comfortable being asleep during the procedure. Ten patients (50%) from the group who were not given conscious sedation remained apprehensive and uncomfortable and they very much desired to be sedated during the procedure.

CONCLUSION: Conscious sedation was very effective in spinal anes­thesia in alleviating preoperative anxiety and apprehension. Midazolam proved to be a better agent than Propofol for the purpose.  


Conscious sedation (MeSH), Spinal anesthesia (MeSH), Propofol (MeSH), Midazolam (MeSH).

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