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Asif Iqbal
Muhammad Fahim
. Ikramullah
Nauman Khan
Muhammad Hafizullah


OBJECTIVE: To determine the in-hospital outcome of infective endocarditis (IE) in terms of morbidity, mortality and success of treatment in our set up.

METHODS: This descriptive retrospective study was conducted at Cardiology Unit, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. Records of patients with definite diagnosis of IE from September 2009 to August 2012 were reviewed for complications and treatment outcome during hospital stay. Data was analyzed statistically by using SPSS version 16.

RESULTS: Out of 34 admitted patients, 24 (70.59%) were males and 10 (29.41%) were females with male to female ratio of 2.4:1. Age ranged from 5-38 years with mean age of 26±11 years. Out of 17 complications developed in 14 (41.2%) patients, congestive heart failure (n=7 20.59%), transient ischemic attack (n=3; 8.8%), stroke (n=2 5.88%) and renal failure (n=2 5.88%) were the most frequent complications. Medical treatment failed in 9(26.4%) patients. Mortality rate was 23.5% (n=8/34). Six patients died during medical management and 2 during surgery for IE. Two out of three patients with prosthetic valve died during course of therapy.

CONCLUSION: Morbidity, mortality and failure of medical treatment in admitted cases of infective endocarditis is still high in our set up. Failure of medical treatment is still present in a sizeable proportion. Outcome was found excellent in native valve but poor in prosthetic valve. Surgery though less frequently performed; carries more than 50% mortality.

KEY WORDS: Infective Endocarditis (MeSH), Patient Outcome Assessment (MeSH,Mortality (MeSH), Complications (MeSH).

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