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Mohammad Hafizullah


Warm welcome to the new ‘invigorated’ journal under Khyber Medical University! The attire has undergone transformation and we plan to introduce fundamental changes in the policy and outlook of the journal. Khyber Medical University Journal (KMUJ), now, proudly represents the only medical university of the province and this shall broaden the scope, raise newer expectations and elevate the status of the journal.

It is heartening to register that KMUJ has recently been recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and Indexed in Index Pakistan. This indeed is a great honour and the credit goes to the managing editor and his hard working team. This raises the bar for us as it increases expectations from the journal. KMU feels passionately for the Journal is highly invested in furthering her growth. The journal shall be published quarterly and the number of articles shall be increased by two to three folds. Newer sections will be added and we will welcome input from our esteemed researchers and academicians in the form of original research, reviews, short reports, clinical quizzes, brief communications and letters to the editor.

Our journal is distinguished to have an interactive website with state-of-art facilities for online submission, peer review, tracking of articles under review and availability of full text articles with author and subject based search. Enhanced visibility on web shall attract more articles and hence elevate the stature of journal. The aim is to earn a berth among the reputable indexed journals distinguished by a high impact factor.

We at Khyber Medical University are very excited to have KMU Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in our family. This is the sixth constituent of our university. There is a long list of unfulfilled dreams in the realms of medical education, and I am very confident that KIMS will offer an ideal opportunity to translate them into reality. We have high expectations from KIMS to lead and contribute in the growth, development and practice of evidence based medicine not only in the province but at national and international level.  KMU intends to invest capacity building of KIMS in terms of infrastructure, teaching and training. We intend to develop KIMS as a role model undergraduate medical and dental institution for implementation of new international standard teaching techniques enabling our graduate to excel in the international market. The growth of KIMS and KMUJ shall go hand in hand - the progress of one will be dependent on the other and the success of KMUJ will be a feather in the cap of KIMS. The further flight of KMUJ shall be dependent on the teamwork of KIMS under the guidance of the worthy principal and steered by the editorial board.

KMUJ will endeavor to encourage basic medical science research and our Institute of Basic Medical Science (IBMS) with her highly qualified researchers and keen students will be expected to contribute actively. Public health has so far been a neglected field in our part of the world and we encourage the Institute of Public Health and Social Sciences (IPHSS) to conduct high quality research which should find its way to the journal. Research remains an integral component of medical education and projects conducted by students enrolled in Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE) shall adorn KMUJ. KMU’s pioneer program in the country of Masters in Health Research (MHR) shall be able to contribute in more than one way for the progress of the journal. Health delivery system can only improve if our allied health sciences progress hand in hand with medical fields. The journal shall offer a platform for allied health sciences and inspire them to conduct original research and publish. Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IPMR) with her highly professional faculty and dedicated students shall utilize the medium of KMUJ for the publication of research in this rather new field in the province. We expect the students of nursing program to contribute actively under the tutelage of their enthusiastic faculty and make their presence felt on this forum.

Proactive efforts are required to inculcate the culture of research at all levels and formulate a research agenda for Pakistan. We wish to foster exchange of information among clinicians, researchers and health care professionals.  The eventual goal is to translate the research and scientific advances into patient benefit. Journal reflects what you submit and the quality can only improve if we all work harder and contribute more. I am very confident that our journal will play an important role in encouraging research at all levels and carve a special place in the comity of medical journals internationally.

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Mohammad Hafizullah

Vice chancellor Khyber Medical University Peshawar Pakistan