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Fahim Anwar


ABSTRACTFibromyalgia is derived from Greek words, “fibro” meaning fibrous tissue, “myo” meaning muscle and “algos” meaning pain. It is characterized by widespread constant musculoskeletal pain and allodynia (heightened painful response to pressure on various body parts). Other associated symptoms include extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances, joint stiffness, bladder and bowel problems, swallowingproblems, sensory and cognitive abnormalities. The article gives a review of the latest literature in the management of fibromyalgia.

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Fahim Anwar, Fahim Anwar MRCSEd, MRCPS (Glasgow), FEBPRM Consultant in Rehabilitation and Pain Management Stobhill Hospital Glasgow, United Kingdom

Fahim Anwar MRCSEd, MRCPS (Glasgow), FEBPRM

Consultant in Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Stobhill Hospital

Glasgow, United Kingdom



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