Azmat Ali, Awais Saeed Abbasi, Fyza Saleem



OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to ascertain the causes of death and mortality rate in patients admitted to medical intensive care unit (ICU) of Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan.

METHOD: Current study enrolled 775 patients admitted in Medical ICU of KRL Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan from April 16, 2016 till April 16 2017. KRL Hospital is a 350 bedded hospital and has a 13-beded level II ICU. This was a descriptive study involving non-probability consecutive sampling. Statistical analysis was done using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS version 20).

RESULT: Out of 775 patients, 125 (16.1%) patients died. Out of these 125 patients, 68 (54.4%) were males and 57 (45.6%) were females. Majority of patients (n=69; 55.2 %) were ranging in age from 71-100 years of age, while 37 (29.6%) patients were ranging in age from 56-70 years and 19 (15.2%) were less than 55 years of age. Among the deceased, pneumonia was the most common reason (n=49; 39.2 %) for admission followed by urinary tract infection (n=16; 12.8%) and septicemia (n=14; 11.2%). Hypertension (n=33; 26.4%) was the most common co-morbid followed by diabetes mellitus (n=24; 19.2 %) and ischemic heart disease (n=18; 14.4 %).

CONCLUSION: More than half of deceased patients admitted to ICU had age more than seventy years. Sepsis related conditions were responsible for death in more than sixty percent of patients. Majority of patients had diabetes mellitus, hypertension or ischemic heart disease as co-morbid conditions.

KEY WORDS: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (MeSH); Mortality (MeSH); Sepsis (MeSH); Pneumonia (MeSH); Hypertension (MeSH); Diabetes Mellitus (MeSH).

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