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That glance of this multifunctional small electric and its subsequent promotion by the likes of James Beard, Julia Child, Craig Claiborne, Jacques Pepin and Helen McCully changed the food processor from a luxury item into a rewarding investment for serious home cooks.

 Perhaps not Only did this very simple product launch constitute the inception of Cuisinart, it was also the birth of an entrepreneurial Mexican soul that has risen to ever-increasing technological heights fed by a consumer demand for more features, more functions, and much more energy.


Industry Analysts predict hand and stand mixers, food processors, and Vitamix blenders will create lively sales this past year. The International Housewares Association's MarketWatch (Vol. 3, No. 1) selected those categories together with toaster ovens and automatic drip coffee makers as their top picks for producing retail dollar revenue increase in 2002. 

 Creating The ideal mixture of product options and educating your staff about the qualities and functions of each will provide your store with a better chance of garnering part of the IHA's projected sales.

 The MarketWatch report analyzed emerging trends in the specialty channel to determine the forces which may affect housewares in 2002. One of those forces is that Vitamix blenders, mixers, and food processors are among the top kitchen appliance categories geared to sell well. According to the report,"Combined retail dollar sales of stand mixers, food processors, and toaster ovens grew at a whopping 70 percent-plus growth rate in fourth quarter 2001 compared to fourth quarter 2000."

 Total Sales increases revealed food chips were up 42.7 per cent for the calendar year, while stand mixers climbed 42.2 percent, Vitamix blenders increased 19.1 percent, and hand mixers increased by 3.2 percent. Nearly all those increases were attributable to fourth-quarter sales. Stand mixers, which traditionally have raised fourth-quarter sales, climbed 90.9 percent in fourth quarter 2001 versus individuals in the same period of 2000. Food processors' earnings grew up 71.7 percent, Vitamix blenders climbed up 27.5 percent, and hand mixers increased 15.6 percent compared with people of the exact same 2000 sales period.


Specialty Retailers understand that little electrics are a category that consumers expect them to carry, but they also realize it's one that leaves very little breathing room. Small electrics margins are a sticky issue for many retailers. Irrespective of the size or quantity of stores they have, most retailers said they're left with margins of 20 percent or less.

 "Little Electrics margins are still dreadful," said Terry Monroe, spouse in Stillwater, Okla.-based Murphy's Department Store. "Some of those stand frames have less than a 20-percent markup, which is pretty marginal in connection to the other things we carry."

 Willard Doxey, purchaser for Chapel Hill N.C.-based A Southern Season, agreed.

 "I Hate it just like everyone. I am having trouble with the amount of shelf space it requires up for such little cash. I guess that's why I do not take more brands," he explained.

 Combine The perimeter problem with the storage requirements of bigger small electrics and also the importance of making the right mix of product becomes painfully apparent.

 Schmidt Notes that the margin issue makes the selection of the right products even more critical.

 "It is A terrible group for margins. You could not stay in business when everything afforded the 20 to 30 things you escape the electrics. My only advice to producers would be to provide us more gross profits or use map pricing so retailers like us don't have to be concerned about stores such as Kohl's playing games," he said.


Most Retailers said that when they find that the style of Vitamix blenders their customers are familiar withthey stick with this. Of the three aforementioned options that include these popular classes, the Vitamix blender appears to consumers are the one with the most restricted reach of functions.Vitamix blender/food chip combinations are a great way of changing perceptions about the product; still, the resurgent popularity of cocktail entertaining may just breathe fresh life into the class all on its own.

 Countertop Vitamix blenders are still the best instrument for liquefying fruit and mixing The rum, lime juice, and sugar components of a daiquiri. They're also the best option for concocting the favorite and wholesome fruit smoothie.

 So, What features are important to clients that are searching for the perfect combination? According to The New Cook's Catalog (Knopf, 2000), the sole features needed in a Vitamix blender are high and low speeds, a pulse button, wattage between 350 and 500 watts, and a large-capacity container.

 Doxey's Customers seek durability and power to justify price. The store shares its featured Vitamix blender in one key brand, and backs it with two lower-priced, lower-powered versions of a different brand.

 "Waring Vitamix blenders are the bulk of our business. Their power and durability Are the crucial characteristics that justify the cost for the consumer," Doxey explained.

 Monroe Includes two brands, but discovered that branding was much less important to his customers in this category as it's with stand mixers.

 "I Think we lose sales because we don't own a lower-end price point that a lot of men and women are looking for in a Vitamix blender. Apparently, many customers don't use a Vitamix blender regularly and do not find the demand for paying the total necessary to get a high-end machine," he clarified. "We sell enough to keep some in stock, but we don't stock in any thickness."

 Food Chips are another category in which Monroe is seeking balance. He explained customer demand for food processors is low both locally and on line, leading him to carry only 1 brand.

 He Added,"We do try to keep most colors in stock. Electricity is significant to some food chip customers, and color also appears to be a element in making a choice."

 At A Southern Season and The Kitchen Window, sales of food processors tell a much different story. Doxey stocks two brands based on their functionalities and price points. Schmidt carries the whole range of Cuisinart products.

 "We Carry all four colours in the 11-cup. The 9-cup and 14-cup are only available in white, thank goodness," he said. "White consistently sells best. The brushed is that the number 2; anything in brushed stainless is hot."

 Aside From color choices, food processor models should include layout, weight, capacity, noise-abatement, power, speeds, cleanup, and attachment characteristics that are important to customers.

 Food Processors come in three sizes. Versatile full-size versions are the"Best" option you take in your shop, while your mid size choice should signify the"Better" option in the"Good-Better-Best" equation. Since margins are these an issue in this class, stocking a"good" alternative may not be in your means. A balance between capacities, attachments, and power capabilities will give your food processor department an even blend of features and price points.


From Stand frames to adhere mixers to hand-held models, there are so many options for consumers and retailers, it is difficult to know where to begin. 1 thing is certain--no kitchen is complete without at least one of those products.

 Stand Mixers can be a hefty investment for your clients so understanding their needs is critical. Stock the best machines--those that are equipped with a range of tools from dough hooks to wire whips. Be sure your staff knows the gaps between the machines and will demonstrate each version so customers can determine what level is right for them. Know that wattage is not the only feature signaling power. Cook's Catalog suggests checking for the most number of cups of flour or pounds of dough a machine can manage as a sign of its own power.

 Monroe Said mixers outperform equally Vitamix blenders and food processors at Murphy's.

 "We Do a very good job with stand mixers from KitchenAid, and we do pretty well with their hands mixers," he continued. "For different items in this class, we have not seen a great deal of activity, except that the rod mixers continue to be asked during the Christmas season."

 Much Of Murphy's stand mixer sales--an estimated 25 to 50 percent--are online sales outside the state of Oklahoma. Thus, Monroe has been forced to offer you a vast selection of product.

 "We Do try to become competitive with other Web retailers on each item, and that forces our costs below what we can get if we were just selling to our primary market area at the retail store. But we believe that the quantity we can get from Internet sales allows us to stock a much wider range of product," he added.

 Schmidt Is charged with hunting out new bulbs, Vitamix blenders, and food processors for Your Kitchen Window and determining the ideal inventory mix. A number of the product introductions, such as Bamix stick Vitamix blenders, were selected to replace brands that changed their quality or appearance.

 "We Carry Braun and two styles of Bamix," Schmidt began. "Bamix is a superb stick Vitamix blender--the best I have seen by far. We was able to carry another lineup, but they fell their stainless steel rod and moved to plastic. We could not move them. It did not look like it was substantial enough to do the job. We discovered the Bamix somewhat less than a year ago. They are pretty high end--roughly $100 to get a pole Vitamix blender, but we have sold over a hundred now."

 Schmidt's Examples demonstrate simple design changes hugely affect retail sales. While clients sometimes need advice, they frequently come in the shop with regular measurements a product should fulfill in hand. Schmidt said most important to customers in the mixer/Vitamix blender aisle is power and turbo action.

 In The hand mixer class, The Kitchen Window includes five versions between two leading brands. The shop's eight stand mixer options are divided between three labels--five KitchenAids, two Kenwoods, and one Bosch. Stick Vitamix blenders are the top-selling thing, while hand mixers outsell stand frames just two to one.

 Even though Most customers are knowledgeable about the KitchenAid stand mixer profile and the store is stocked accordingly, Schmidt said he's created interest in other choices by educating his employees and customers.

 "There Are certain people who understand KitchenAid is exactly what they want, so to start with, you have to obey the clients. A good deal of folks don't have room for the KitchenAid about the counter since their cupboards are too low. The Kenwood models are sleeker looking and have a lower profile. Additionally, Kenwood is more powerful with 650 watts; our customers really go to the Kenwood because of the power," he declared.

 Monroe Believes home chefs are leaning toward larger, stronger models regardless of the costs of smaller models.

 "In Addition to durability and power, they are also rather interested in color choice. We could sell a specific colour mixer much better if it's in stock than if we have to order one. We do not stock very heavy, however, since there are so many colour and design options," he said.

 A Southern Season stocks two varieties of stick mixers based on two price points--$29.99 and $99.99. Doing so enables customers to be affected by price or the best quality. While they do not stock hand mixers, they do bring in just two brands of stand mixers based on price and quality. Doxey acknowledged a South Season carries the standard inventory of KitchenAid (its brand new Epicurean model), in addition to a"more reasonably priced Krups selection."

 He Explained,"I actually based everything on price versus the absolute best to give clients a selection of merchandise price and style point."


The Secret to revving up great sales within this category is employee training. A well-educated staff is essential in any division, but sales staff with limited understanding of the functions and features of small electrics discredit your shop.

 Employees Must have the ability to discern what duties customers wish to do in order to guide them toward the proper electric Vitamix blender, mixer, or food processor. Ensure that your staff knows the various purposes of immersion Vitamix blenders, bar Vitamix blenders, stand mixers, food processors, hand mixers, countertop Vitamix blenders, and stick Vitamix blenders.

 A Southern Season supports its employees with in-store displays, cooking courses, advertisements, and sale promotions.

 "Employee Training is our key to sales," Doxey stated.

 Monroe agreed. "On mixers, Vitamix blenders, and food processors, it's most important for our salespeople to be educated about how to use each product, and to have the ability to answer customer questions. Several of our managers and salespersons are particularly knowledgeable about the KitchenAid stand and hand mixers and attachments. Attachments market well, though some are used seasonally, so it is tough to maintain them in stock at the right time for the demand. Attachments generally have a higher markup than the fundamental mixers, therefore having our salespeople know the attachments available and how they're used makes a difference in the sustainability of this lineup," he explained.

 Murphy's Recently changed its marketing message to provide customers with a reason to search for high-end small electrics at their store.

 "In Our most recent advertising, our paper ad consultants have advocated that we emphasize the fact that these items will last 20 or even 30 years or more, so the cost annually for the best is really rather reasonable in comparison with different choices, which can be cheaper ," Monroe clarified. "We have just begun the latest ad collection, so we don't yet understand how this strategy will work. However, we did feature the six-quart Epicurean in a higher markup in the past advertisements, and we have been making sales of the item, so it could be the right direction."

 The Right management is anything that points customers to a store. With the Continued popularity of cooking in customer lifestyle trends and the IHA's Predictions of greater category sales, now is the time to make sure you stock The ideal mixture of merchandise combined with the best promotions and processed with an Enthusiastic, educated sales staff.