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The locker codes you will be able to generate can be used to add and improve your own MyPlayer stats (Using VCs). Another good thing is you can also buy clothes, shoes and other things using your VCs. You can use our application as a while as you desire. But we are indicating to maintain it lay low for a while. Generating locker codes two or three times per day is the preferred one.

Locker Codes is part of the latter, which may come in the kind of a one-time use code or of limited amount.

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our site. Being an avid gamer, I really like dispersing game currencies i.e. virtual money or VC in the case of NBA 2k18. The whole reason for providing locker codes is to give gamers a small boost of game updates, which is done with the means of virtual money.

The gamer buys these VC's differently by paying out of his pocket. All these kinds of VC's or virtual currency, then, can be used in the game for various purposes

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