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The cold water tank, or technically Talking, the cold drinking water storage cistern, is a crucial Element of a gravity-fed domestic water system, supplying cold h2o to the recent water cylinder, and to most likely every single chilly water outlet in the home, apart from the kitchen area and outdoors taps. It is normally produced outside of plastic, While much more rigid resources which include galvanised steel and asbestos cement happen to be utilized previously. A normal chilly water tank could hold anywhere from fifteen to a hundred gallons of h2o, reducing a household’s demand from customers to the mains, and serving as being a form of security valve for the recent drinking water cylinder. The chilly h2o tank is technically a cistern simply because a tank is often a sealed vessel – in contrast to a cistern, and that is open to atmospheric pressure. Fed from the soaring major, it is generally located while in the loft on account of its sizing and in an effort to minimise the annoyance

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