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Legionella is really a style of bacterium present in h2o, which often can bring about a pneumonia-kind illness identified as Legionnaire’s disorder. Legionella is identified Obviously in freshwater, but can contaminate water systems (water tanks and incredibly hot tubs, for instance) and then bring about sickness if men and women breathe in contaminated air. Landlords are liable for retaining their Qualities Harmless and totally free from well being hazards, and With regards to legionella, this means assessing the threats and taking steps to control them if vital. Legionella possibility assessment template In many houses and flats, the chance of legionella contamination is comparatively lower, however it’s a smart idea to do a legionella risk assessment to ensure you’ve determined any areas of problem. Most landlords can evaluate the chance themselves and could also put into practice easy measures to maintain the danger minimal.

legionella risk assessment