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Bio Statement After an insect bite, through an allergic reaction, in hereditary skin diseases or parasitic infestations, the affected person can make itching on the skin. The scraping of the affected areas of the skin, however, always only causes the itching to disappear for a short time. On the contrary best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis and colored hair, in most cases the problem is aggravated by threatened injuries to the skin structure in most cases. But what can you do to stop the painful itching? Here we show effective ways to stop any itching!

Problem itching!

So that the upper skin structure is not destroyed, but can be regenerated, some recommendations have to be internalized, especially in chronic skin diseases. Particularly people who suffer from neurodermatitis or under repeated nasal symptoms are constantly on the search for suitable remedies for the constant itching. Any itching that goes on for six weeks is called chronic. This may not only be typical in an unsightly, wounded skin image. In addition, those affected are often psychologically very burdened by their illness and are thus seborrheic dermatitis scalp treatment in the everyday life little resilient and unsleeped. The constant danger of being infected by scratched open wounds, in addition to other skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses, is ubiquitous.

Proper action and itching stop!

The affected patient should in any case prevent dry skin. Finally, the skin congestion is then significantly more susceptible to external influences, which cause or exacerbate itching. Therefore, extreme cold and heat, as well as exaggerated frequent washing should be avoided in any case. It is important in this context that the skin retains a not too low residual value of body fat. Here, bad nutrition and lifestyle can be decisive: alcohol, cigarette smoke and unhealthy diet are used to remove important minerals from the skin and make them dry and cracked. Also extremely sharp or hot food is to avoid to avoid itching. As a result of the widening of the vessels, messengers such as histamines are triggered.

These then lead to itching on the skin. All things have a positive effect, which narrows the vessels. Therefore, those affected should tend to have a short, cool shower. After the shower, especially the diseased areas should only be carefully blotched and never rubbed off. Even if it may sound strange, you can enjoy a quiet night, when the sleeping suit is pre-cooled in the refrigerator. During the day, clothes should always be worn seborrheic dermatitis face cure, preferably made of cotton. By avoiding stress, affected patients, especially chronically ill patients, can achieve very good results. Special techniques of breathing also help to create a relaxed atmosphere.